• TSP100ECO (USB) futurePRNT

TSP100ECO (USB) futurePRNT


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The TSP100ECO offers fast, efficient POS service as well as a unique range of ECO tools and features: all with a manufacturer’s pre-paid Carbon Offset program at NO extra cost to you. Power, Paper, Packaging The CO2 footprint of a POS Printer is made up of the energy used:- during manufacture & disposal of the printer, during operation of the printer and during production of paper used by the printer. Star has endeavoured to build this printer with every ECO advantage.

Power Management

Inspired by the Cheetah, nature’s greatest exponent of energy efficiency, the TSP100ECO uses up to 40% less power than the majority of competitive printers available today. Star’s new power efficient method means that the printer will revert with the PC to a very low powered standby mode when not in use, “instantly” waking up when needed saving costs and power usage.

Paper Saving Features

Star has put in place unique paper saving features that could help the retailer use up to 52% less receipt paper. This not only reduces paper costs but means less frequent paper roll changes and lower transportation and logistics costs.

Unique 3mm default top margin

The TSP100ECO is the only partial cut printer to achieve a 3mm top margin saving 8mm of paper for every receipt printed.

80mm to 58mm Auto Reduction

The TSP100ECO can automatically reduce receipts from 80mm to 58mm without changing the customer’s original receipt software set-up. Simply tick the required paper reduction in the ECO futurePRNT software and you can choose whether to reduce the receipt vertically to 50% or horizontally to 67% or both.

Receipts on Demand Printing

Star has used the clever futurePRNT software to produce and Operator Prompt to ask the customer whether they need a receipt or not. The receipt can then be either cancelled or printed. All cancelled receipts can be saved graphically and be reviewed or reprinted.

Star Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting is the responsible way to compensate for the unavoidable CO2 emissions from our daily lives and economic activities by supporting the projects that deliver the equivalent CO2 savings elsewhere. The carbon credits purchased by Star will offset the CO2 emissions emitted from the TSP100ECO manufacturing & disposal process and projected power consumption for up to 5 years. Visit our Carbon offset Page on www.futureprnt.com for the opportunity to register all ECO printer purchases and print certificates to show how your company is helping to minimize environmental damage from IT activities.

TSP100 futurePRNT “Value-Added” Marketing & Set-Up Software

The key to futurePRNT’s success to date is a result of the combination of a high quality printer sold at the right price with groud-breaking software included in the box at purchase.  
  • Power Supply included
  • High quality ECO POS printer, 150mm per second
  • Simple “Drop-In & Print” paper loading
  • All set-up accessories needed are included in the box at purchase
  • Unique futurePRNT software included
  • Fully Energy Star Compliant with Unique ECO Tools
  • One year warranty for total peace of mind and can be  extended  to 3 years for FREE by registering the printer’s serial # online with Star Micronics Australia.

Accessories Splash Cover Option,Vertical Stand
Case Colour Grey Case,White Case