2m USB Cable

2 metre USB Cable..

Ethernet I/F (IFBD-HE07) - TSP650/TSP700/TSP800/TUP500

Ethernet Interface for a TSP650/TSP700/TSP800/TUP500..

Ethernet I/F (IFBD-HE08) - SP500/SP700

Ethernet Interface for a SP500/SP700..

Parallel I/F (IFBD-HC03) -TSP650/TSP700/TSP800

Parallel Interface for TSP650/TSP700/TSP800..

Parallel I/F (IFBD-HC04) - TSP600/SP700

Parallel Interface for a TSP600/SP700..

Parallel Printer Cable

1.8 m Parallel Printer Cable..

Serial Data Cable

Serial Data Cable..

Serial I/F (IFBD-HD04) - TSP600/SP700

Serial Interface for a TSP600/SP700..

Serial Interface (IFBD-HD03) - TSP650/TSP700/TSP800

Serial Interface for TSP650/TSP650II/TSP700/TSP700II/TSP800/TSP800II..

USB I/F (IFBD-HU07) TSP650/TSP700/TSP800

USB Interface for TSP650II/TSP700II/TSP800II..

USB I/F (IFBD-HU08) - SP700

USB Interface for a SP700..

CloudPRNT Interface (IFBD-H101X) - for TSP600, TSP700 & TSP800 Series Printers

Available for Star TSP600II, TSP700II, TSP800II Thermal POS Printers and also soon to be released fo..

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