Car Charger to suit SMS220i/SMT300i/SMT400i
SMS220i 4P Battery Charger

Battery charger for Star SM220i Mobile Printer..

SMS220i Battery

SMS220i Battery..

SMS220i Battery Holder

SMS220i  Battery Holder..

SMT300i 4P Battery Charger

Battery Charger for Star SMT300i printers..

SMT300i and SMT400i Shoulder Strap

SMT300i/SMT400i  Shoulder Strap..

SMT300i Battery

SMT300i Battery..

SMT300i Battery Holder

SMT300i Battery Holder..

SMT400i 4P Battery Charger

Battery Charger for SMT400i..

SMT400i Battery

SMT400i Battery..

SMT400i Battery Holder

SMT400i Battery Holder..

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