Star Cash Drawer SCD-100


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Please note the Star SCD-100 can only be used as an accessory with suited Star desktop thermal and Impact printers. 

Compatible Thermal printers: TSP-100 series, TSP 650 series, TSP 700 series, TSP 800 series

Compatible Impact printers: SP298, SP700 series

Star SCD-100 Electronic Cash Drawer is the perfect accessory to compliment your Star printer. The SCD-100 boasts an extremely compact footprint with zero compromise in flexibility and functionality at an affordable price.

Features include:

  • 4 adjustable note holders with 5 or 8 removable coin holders for added flexibility
  • 24V output
  • 3 position locking mechanism
  • 100% steel construction with black powder coating
Dimensions: 330W x 360L x 82H mm Weight: 3.5kg

*Must be used with a Star printer that has a DK output*