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Star Scd Cash Drawer Printer Accessory

Introducing the Star SCD-100 Cash Drawer 


Star SCD-100 Electronic Cash Drawer is the perfect companion accessory to compliment your Star printer. The SCD-100 boasts an extremely compact footprint with zero compromise in flexibility and functionality at an affordable price.

Star Micronics SCD100 Cash Drawer
Star Micronics SCD100 Cash Drawer
Star Micronics SCD100 Cash Drawer
Star Micronics SCD100 Cash Drawer

Features include:

  • 4 adjustable note holders with 5 or 8 removable coin holders for added flexibility
  • 24V output
  • 3 position locking mechanism
  • 100% steel construction with black powder coating
  • One year warranty

Dimensions: 330W x 360L x 82H mm

Weight: 3.5kg

Compatible Printers

Please note the Star SCD-100 can only be ordered as a companion accessory with suited Star desktop thermal and Impact printers.

Compatible Thermal printers:
TSP-100 series, TSP 650 series, TSP 700 series, TSP 800 series

Compatible Impact printers:
SP298, SP700 series

*Must be purchased with a Star printer that has a DK output*

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